Building Clientele in the New Year

With 2014 coming to an end, it’s time to start preparing your massage business for the New Year. If you are like many massage therapists, you are constantly trying to expand your clientele – there is no better time than now to start attracting new clients. After the holidays, and with New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, many people will be looking for a massage therapist to add into their routine. Here are a few tips to increase business and start 2015 with a bang.

Get a Website

Nearly everyone is online, and the Internet is one of the first places people go to research services they are interested in receiving, like massage. If you have a website, you are already more likely to catch the interest of prospective clients. When a website is done right, it will not only bring you new clients, but clients that become loyal customers and return to your practice time after time.

Be sure to include as much information as possible on your website to make it easy for possible clients to really get to know more about you, your massage business, and the services you offer. A clear, concise website is also more likely to be shared amongst groups of people – if one person sees the site and likes it, they will show their friend, and the clients will come pouring in.

Create a Referral Network

Word-of-mouth is possibly the most important marketing tool you can utilize to expand your clientele. Your current clients are great for spreading word about your business and your services; the people that know and love you and your work will be more than willing to refer others to you! You can also ask family and personal friends to mention your name in conversation or to people who may be searching for a massage therapist.

Networking with people you meet on a day-to-day basis (at the grocery store, church, laundromat, social gatherings, or special massage group meetings) is also an excellent way to market your business. Once you get to know other people, especially doctors, chiropractors, or other health care providers that have clients who may be interested in your services, word will spread about you and your practice and your clientele list will grow.

Other Forms of Advertising

Focus on free or inexpensive forms of advertising to market your massage therapy practice – use social media to share your website or information about your services, or run an ad in your local paper advertising your business.

It may be beneficial to offer complementary sessions to new clients (such as a free 30 minute massage or discounted session rates), to add incentive to give your practice a try with no strings attached. Although many people will come for the discounts, many also will be looking for a regular massage therapist and will jump on the opportunity to see what you offer. These promotions will get people talking to their friends and family about you, which is more word-of-mouth advertising!