Building a successful massage therapy business, involves more than just being good at what you do.  It takes a certain amount of marketing and business savvy in order to create services around the needs of your clients, without your clients even realizing that they had a need for that service in the first place.  If you have been in the business for a long time, you have probably attracted a certain type of client and have made it a priority to continue educating yourself on different types of modalities to better serve your clients.  It’s important to educate your clients on all forms of massage that you perform so that they will be eager to add a service each time they come for a visit. 

One way for massage therapists to up-sell their services is to make them very visible in your office or on your website.  You should have a menu or list of all that you offer so that clients are more willing to add a service.  Also, make sure you list services that are available for specific conditions or for people who enjoy a specific hobby or are athletic.

It’s important to listen to what your clients are asking for.  This is another way to create services around the needs of your clients to keep them coming back.