Deep Tissue massage is very similar to Swedish massage and is also part of the focus of Western style massage that is incorporated into Denver Integrative Massage School’s 600 hour massage therapy program. The main difference between the two is that deeper pressure is applied in Deep Tissue massage and it is very beneficial in releasing tension from chronic muscle pain, especially in the low back, neck and shoulders.  These are the places in the body where tension is most commonly held. A Deep Tissue massage is often characterized by slow, deep movement with a focus on a specific area. Clients might feel a bit of discomfort as the deepest layers of muscle tissues, tendons and fascia are manipulated.  It is important to consume a lot of water immediately after a Deep Tissue massage, in order to flush out the release of toxins. This type of massage is most beneficial for those who are involved in heavy physical activity or those with a physical injury due to common misalignment and repetitive movements that result from day to day living.

Deep tissue massage should not be confused with deep pressure massage.  In fact, deep tissue massage incorporates many different facets of different types of massage such as Sports massage, Myo-fascial release, Myo-Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy.