Our sister school’s (Herbalism Roots) herbalist certification program, starts in January – Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The 500-hr herbalism program includes the study of medicinal herbs, medicine making, gardening and field trips. Students will learn about wildcrafting, herbal intakes and evaluations, folk medicine, and sound and smoke medicine.

100 hours are dedicated to the formal study of plants and their therapeutic uses and the study of the body systems and related pathologies (50 hours each). Students will come away with knowledge of physiology terms, definitions, body systems, pathology, and the therapeutic properties of a variety of plants. This unique program also gives students the chance to experience hands-on work and learn through direct practice; 100 hours of study is through gardening, field trips, and medicine making, 50 hours are set aside for volunteer work at a community garden, 100 hours spent outside of class doing reading and homework correspondence work, and 150 hours dedicated to clinical practice with herbalism clients.

The Clinical Herbalism Practicum is a crucial and extremely beneficial portion of the Herbalism Roots program. Under direct supervision of a professional herbalist at the Student Clinic and in-house Herbal Apothecary, students will have the opportunity to practice their craft and put their learned knowledge to the test through clinical herbalism sessions with community clientele. This hands-on practice paired with comprehensive classes will give the graduate enough knowledge and experience to become a Professional Herbalist in Colorado and secure an entry-level herbalist position in wellness centers, natural health stores, holistic health clinics, yoga studios, chiropractor clinics, acupuncture clinics, health clubs, or even their own private practice.

The Herbalism Roots course can be completed in just 6 months.

Enrollment & Admissions