DIMS featured on 9News!

Denver’s 9News anchors Kyle Dyer and Gary Shapiro, sporting Thai fisherman’s pants,  were treated to a mini Thai Yoga Massage on November 21st. Our very own Hillary Hilliard was on hand, as well as students and graduates from Denver Integrative Massage School to give Thai massages to the 9News staff just in time for the stress that the holidays can bring.

Denver Integrative Massage School and Hillary were chosen as part of a series on reducing stress. Between the sweet moans of relief from the news anchors, Hillary explains the assisted progressive stretching that a Thai Yoga Massage offers. She continues to demonstrate an assisted hamstring stretch, forward fold and seated cobra using Kyle Dyer as her student.  In addition, Hillary demonstrates the use of  fragrant hot herbal compresses during a Thai Massage.

Meanwhile, the office at 9News has been converted into a full on massage room, with employees receiving some much needed stretching. One student demonstrates an arm stretch, while another student works on staff member’s back.

If you have ever been curious about what a Thai Yoga Massage looks like, this video will certainly provide a good example of what to expect!