Earning Potential for Massage Therapists in Colorado

When you consider a career as a massage therapist, you are probably thinking about what the earning potential is in your future profession. No matter where you decide to work after you complete your massage therapist education, you need to remember that ultimately you will be running your own small business.

Earning potential can vary based on where you work. When you work with private clients your hourly rate is higher as compared to if you were working in a health club or a spa. With private clients you may charge a fee of your choosing. For example, you could charge $100 for an hour session or $50. At a spa setting your hourly earning could be $30-35/hr. One thing to consider is that when offering private sessions, you need to take into account any expenses you accrue such as travel – time and gasoline – space rental and equipment, as well as transportation of the equipment.

As a massage therapist, you generally will not work 40 hours a week as this can be quite physically taxing. Due to the nature of the work, most therapists that consider themselves to be full-time, work anywhere from 15-30 hrs a week. You will find that you have the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule. You can calculate different scenarios of weekly hours and where your future clients are to estimate your earning potential, and where you want to be in your massage therapist career.

It is also important to remember that a strong educational foundation in massage therapy allows you to reach larger earnings. Adding specialties such as Thai Massage, and diversifying your offering as a professional massage therapist will give you the tools to maximize your earning potential as a massage therapist.

Denver Integrative Massage School is dedicated to giving our students the tools to make our students successful in their massage therapy careers. We offer massage programs that build a strong foundation and provide specialization and diversity for our students.

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