Easy Self Massage Tips

While booking regular massage sessions with a therapist is ideal and offers an extensive amount of benefits, sometimes it just isn’t possible. Schedules get busy and self-care takes a backseat to other issues.

The good news – there are plenty of massage techniques you can do yourself that are easy, fast, and effective. These 7 self-massage techniques listed below can help relieve your aches and pains in just a few minutes, using only your hands or a tennis ball.

Aching Feet

While sitting, step on a tennis ball with bare feet or socks and roll back and forth from heel to toe with firm pressure. Focus on extra sore spots by rolling the ball in small circles to work out the knots. This can even be done under your desk at work or while watching TV at home!

Tension Headaches

Lie on your back with your legs bent. Hold a tennis ball in each hand between thumb and forefinger; rest your hands behind your head, placing the tennis balls on the base of your skull. Shake your head gently from side to side, as well as nodding up and down. Tension headaches that are often caused by poor posture can benefit from this technique.

PMS & Lower Back Pain

If your back is feeling tender during your cycle, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly planted on the ground. Place two tennis balls under your lower back where the base of your spine meets your hip bone. Knead the area by raising and lowering your hips onto the tennis balls.

Sore Jaw

If you have a tendency to clench your teeth, you probably have to deal with a tight, painful jaw. Using your fingertips, press up under your cheekbones, starting at the apples of your cheeks. Open and close your mouth while pressing up. Do this all the way back to your ears; when you reach the edge of your jaw, press your thumb under the jawbone and pull your fingertips down the side of your face in toward your chin.

Stiff Knees

If you sit at a desk all day, here’s how to relieve painful knee joints. While sitting, unbend your leg into a resting position. Press your knee where it hurts with a fingertip or knuckle and massage in a star shape for 10 seconds. Bend and straighten your knee twice, and repeat 2-3 times for each sore spot.

Sore Forearms

Hold your arm out, palm facing up, and use your other hand to cup it just under your elbow. Flip your arm within your grip so your palm faces down. Repeat all down your arm until you reach your wrist. This technique is great for those who spend a lot of time typing.

Achy Neck & Shoulders

Stand with a tennis ball between your shoulders and the wall. Raise your arm slightly above your head and turn your head from side to side. You can position the ball anywhere on your neck and shoulders and repeat the movements.