Our next Massage Therapy certification program – weekend option – starts October 7th, 2017! Study in lovely Denver, CO (and online) to become a massage therapist in as quickly as in 6 months!

Kick-start your new rewarding career! Join a fun, hip tribe of students and take your learning to the next level with us!

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The 600-hour massage program includes:

250 hours of anatomy & physiology courses both in class and online.

You will learn foundational anatomy and physiology terms, definitions, body systems, pathology, and an introduction to kinesiology. This will not only thoroughly prepare you for the national board exams, but will also give you the opportunity to learn about and understand the possible diseases and conditions you will face as a practicing massage therapist.

200 hours of Western and Eastern massage application & assessment.

Western Massage includes: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Trigger Points, Sport, and Prenatal massage.

Eastern Massage includes: Thai Yoga, Assisted stretches, Acupressure, Chinese meridians, Breathwork, Herbal Medicine, and Thai Prenatal.

You will learn and practice both styles of massage, as well as the roots they came from. This will give you a complete understanding emotionally, physically, energetically, and psychologically of the field you are in and help you connect with the clients you will receive. It will also provide you with a multitude of in-depth techniques to help ensure your level of expertise in all aspects of massage, from the art of touch, to proper body mechanics, to meditation practices, to assessing a client’s needs before treatment.

150 practicum/clinic hours.

Through intensive practice supervised by a licensed massage therapist, the student will have the unique opportunity to work with real people – many different body types, injuries, and personalities that only practice can prepare you for. You will improve your skillset and receive proper feedback from someone experienced in the field as well as the clients themselves, a crucial element to the learning process for a potential massage therapist. If you choose to work outside the school with a licensed massage therapist to receive your practicum hours, you may even have a job lined up for you when you graduate!

Through intensive study and rigorous hands-on practice, you will receive a comprehensive knowledge of massage and a confidence in yourself as a massage therapist. With the program’s flexible and varied schedule options, you are sure to find something that is convenient for you. The course can be completed in as little as six months, and up to two years!

You won’t find another massage program as unique, hands-on, and rewarding as this program!

Once completed, you will be prepared to take the required exams to apply for a State Massage Therapy Registration, and after passing, enter the world of massage therapy in a number of locations, such as a spa, wellness center, medical center, chiropractic office, or physical therapy clinic. The graduate will also have the skills and unparalleled knowledge to open a private practice of their own.

Get ready! The next program starts Oct 7th!

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