What is essential to become a successful massage therapist?

It’s important to be able to work well with clients and to really listen to what they have to say.  It’s important to present yourself in a calm way while also exuding confidence.  You will need to become business savvy and be great at networking and connecting with clients.  You will need to be able to stand for at least 2 hours and develop your own self-care routine to make sure your career as a massage therapist lasts a long time.

Do you have to be physically strong to be a massage therapist?

You do not need to be strong, but you should be healthy.  You will learn how to use your body weight to apply pressure in your studies.  Overusing muscular strength can result in injury.

How do massage therapists avoid carpal stress syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries?

Your training will include lessons on body mechanics so that you can avoid and prevent these types of injuries.  You will learn how to stand. lean and use your hands correctly to make sure you are able to sustain the deep pressure that is needed to give a massage.

What’s it like to be a massage therapist?

Massage therapist is one of the fastest growing careers as people seek out massage as a form of preventative health care.  Therefore the number of settings that one can work as a massage therapist continues to grow as well.  You may find yourself working in a chiropractic office, health club, salons, spas, and corporations.  You might decide to go the private practice route will allow you to be your own boss and have a little bit more flexibility.  Wherever you choose to seek employment, you will find a very rewarding career awaits you.