Foundations of Sound Healing

The amazing Sylvia Salcedo Rojas of Denver Center for Oriental Medicine is hosting a Sound Healing class that is not to be missed! During the first semester at Denver Integrative Massage School Sylvia led our students through a similar Asian Energy Theory Workshop.  Our students loved it and you are sure to love her workshop on JUNE 18, 20 & 22nd.

What to expect –

• Dive into sound theory and the history of sound healing and explore the

use of sound on the body.

• Learn how to use Low Ohm, Deep Ohm, High Frequency Ohm and

Sonic Ohm tuning forks.

• The course will cover multi-layering with the tuning forks, trigger point

therapy, Chakra balancing, bone work, immune system building, stress

reduction, facial work and learn specific protocols for the upper back

and lower back.

• Learn how to use Tibetan singing bowl treatment patterns focusing on

stress reduction and how to integrate the forks and bowls together.

This class is going to be amazing!!!!

JOIN US! Small class size so sign up soon!

Cost: $350.00

Location: Denver Center for Oriental Medicine

When: 18th 9am-6pm, 20th & 22nd 5:30pm-9:30pm

Call today to reserve your spot! 303. 832.7375 or