Halloween Promo Ideas for Your Massage Practice

Marketing is a necessity when it comes to a massage practice’s longevity and success. Businesses offer special holiday and seasonal promotions, packages, and perks to gain new clients and keep the practice fun and new. If you are the owner of a massage practice, you have most likely thought up quite a few marketing strategies based on this time of year (fall and winter deals, Christmas specials, etc).

Have you ever marketing special services for Halloween? Halloween is a holiday that usually gets overlooked by massage practices; with Christmas just around the corner, why bother? Think again! Now is the time to offer clients treats for their body through massage (instead of tricks)!

From a commercial standpoint, Halloween has risen in the ranks to the United States’ second most popular holiday (following Christmas, of course). There is a large market out there for Halloween lovers who would jump on the idea of Halloween-themed massage specials. For example, pumpkin scented candles could be used in place of your regular candles (or even inside Jack-o-Lanterns), lighting could be adjusted to allow for more shadows (spooky, while also relaxing), and haunting music might replace the usual background ambiance.

There are also many other ways to incorporate pumpkin, as it is an excellent natural exfoliator, such as in massage oils, scrubs, and lotions. Who would want to pass up a pumpkin spice body scrub paired with a relaxing massage, or a pumpkin enzyme peel?

Of course, not everyone will be rushing to book a spooky massage. You can also tailor your Halloween services to those who don’t particularly enjoy the holiday. Offer a massage special that gives discounts to parents or couples who want to take turns handing out candy (one handles the trick or treaters while one slips out for a massage, then switch).

While these marketing tips can help draw in new clients, they can also be fun for loyal customers! The services and specials you offer at this time don’t have to be Halloween-themed; a simple heading that embodies the holiday while also offering your current clients a special discount can be enough to feel festive (“A Special TREAT for You!”).

The overall idea here is that marketing for your massage practice should be fun! Fun for you to plan, and fun for clients to enjoy. Halloween is just as good as any other time to come up with some new specials to attract clients and take advantage of the playful spirit of the season.