Massage is well known for soothing sore muscles and getting rid of tension. Even just 10 minutes of massage can reduce inflammation which enables the body to recover from stress, tension or a particularly hard workout. Health benefits of massage therapy extend far beyond soothing daily aches and pains. There are numerous health benefits to be gained from a massage.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of massage therapy, with a growing body of research to back it up, include stress relief, pain relief (for a multitude of conditions), tension relief, reduce anxiety, increase circulation, improve range of motion, improve sleep, promote relaxation, enhance exercise performance and so much more.

Managing Anxiety and Depression

Massage reduces the levels of the hormone cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This results in lowered blood pressure and lifted spirits. Neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine which are low in people with depression are boosted through massage.

Easing Pain

People in pain are helped immensely by massage therapy. It enables them to feel better on the whole thus allowing them to function more normally. People who suffer from osteoarthritis, stiffness and aches find great relief from pain with massage.

Effects Massage Has On Sleep

It is well known that one of the major benefits of massage therapy is the promotion of healthy sleep. This is connected to the effects that massage has on the delta waves which connected to a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Boosts Immunity

Massage has been linked to the immune system functioning much more effectively. Massage therapy increases white blood cells which fight disease, therefore making the immune system stronger.

Eliminate PMS

Bloating, mood swings and other symptoms of PMS are greatly helped by massage, enabling a person to feel better.

Raising Alertness Levels

Massage is known to boost brainpower. After a 15 minute massage people are reported to be much more alert and able to function more clearly and accurately.


Headaches are something that most people deal with at sometime or another. Massage therapy alleviates the severity and number of headaches that person suffers from. Tension headaches can be effectively reduced in as little as 30 minutes by massage.

Lymphatic Drainage

Benefits of massage therapy extend on the skin. The increase of blood flow can plump up skin, encourages lymphatic drainage and adds a vitality and luster to skin and hair. This type of massage does not even need an appointment, a few minutes spent rubbing the face and scalp can make a huge difference.

Assists In Easing Cancer Treatment

Massage is extremely helpful for people who may be undergoing or living with a serious illness such as cancer. A massage is helpful in relieving pain, nausea, anxiety and fatigue.

Massage therapy has many benefits which are suitable for anybody.