Herbal Winter Spice Massage Oil Recipe

Nothing is better in the cold dark of winter than a rejuvenating massage. This DIY massage oil is perfect for chilly winter days when you need an extra boost of energizing, cozy warmth. The best part – it doubles as a bath oil. It makes the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and yourself!

Unlike many commercial oils (that often contain unwanted chemicals), this natural recipe absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue on your skin. It contains both jojoba and vitamin E oil, which are extremely moisturizing and will leave your skin soft to the touch. Peppermint oil has a cooling sensation, which will invigorate your senses, relieve sore muscles, and give you a boost of energy. Fir needle essential oil adds the fresh, crisp scent of winter and can help relax sore muscles. The addition of Vanilla Absolute, a rich, sweet smelling extract, gives this oil’s already intoxicating aroma an extra kick of holiday warmth.

Herbal Winter Spice Massage or Bath Oil


8 fluid oz. jojoba oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

10 drop peppermint essential oil

10 drop fir needle essential oil

2 drops Vanilla Absolute

Pour jojoba and vitamin E oils into an 8 oz. bottle (can be glass or plastic). Add essential oils; carefully add 2 drops of Vanilla Absolute. It seems like a small amount, but due to its thickness a little goes a long way. Shake well to thoroughly combine.

To use: Use as a regular all-over massage oil, or drizzle a small amount into a warm bath for a luxuriously moisturizing soak.

This massage oil is ideal for combating the harsh elements of winter; it offers relaxation in both aroma and feel, and is the perfect herbal gift for the season. The ingredient amounts in this recipe can be increased according to your needs.