Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Business

December and January are often a busy time for massage therapists. Many people are over-stressed and in need of mental and physical relaxation; many are buying their loved ones gift certificates for massage; many are putting self-care at the top of their resolutions list. Now is the time to attract new customers and build your clientele. Do all you can to market your business and attract customers this holiday season!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Advertise Gift Certificates

Everyone is looking for a special gift for friends and family – what better gift than the gift of relaxation? Make sure everyone knows you offer gift certificates. Mention it after a client’s session. Hang fliers in your window or around town for passersby to see. Send out emails or holiday cards announcing gift certificates. The more exposure, the more likely people will be to come to you for their holiday shopping needs.

Get Online

Make sure your website offers the option to purchase online, whether it be a gift certificate or booking a massage session. The web is a convenient, fast, and simple way for people to connect with your business and make sale transactions. This is especially true during the holiday season, when ease of purchase is crucial for most shoppers.

Promote Holiday Packages

Everybody loves a good discount! Specials deals, discounts, and promotions for the holidays is a great way to attract new customers and show your appreciation for your current clientele. There are many options when it comes to holiday deals, such as free gifts with the purchase of massage sessions, percentage discounts off multiple services purchased at once, or a half-off coupon with the purchase of two gift certificates. The possibilities are endless!


Get the word out among business in your area – many companies offer holiday gifts to their employees and they may be looking for new ideas! Advertise your gift certificates or special services (such as on-site chair massage) to attract holiday business.