Honor & Respect

In Thailand Doctor Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, also known as Shivago Kumarpaj is thought to be the father of healing arts. He was the creator of Traditional Thai Medicine, which includes Thai Yoga Massage, diet, herbal medicine and spiritual cures. Jivaka was considered the most famous medical practitioner of his time and was also said to be one of the main doctors of the Buddha. His medical practices were spread throughout Thailand through Buddhism. Due to his influence and creation, Thai Yoga Massage practitioners honor Jivaka through a prayer known as“Wai Khru”before each massage session.

Wai Khru is not religious, but instead a respectful invocation that brings spirituality, intention and higher awareness into a session while honoring the founders of our practice.

The history of Thai Yoga Massage, including Jivaka and Wai Khru is just one of the unique things incorporated into the CMT program at Denver Integrative Massage School.