massage thai compressesHow often you should get a massage differs from person to person. Massage has significant health benefits that are best experienced when you get massage regularly, but how often you get a massage depends on factors like your general health, your reasons for getting a massage, how you felt after your last session, your time, and of course, your budget.

If you want to add massage to your schedule, to loosen tight muscles or to reduce stress, once a month may work for you. If you need help coping with a high stress life, one massage every one to two weeks may help you establish a pattern of relaxation.

On the other hand, athletes and people who engage in intense physical activity require specialized massage therapy to enhance performance, prevent injury, and speed up their muscles’ recovery. Massage therapy helps to strengthen muscles before the activity, and heal afterward. In this case, massage treatment may be as frequent as one to three times a week. It depends on your intensity level of activity.

If massage is a treatment or for specific issue such as a headache, shoulder and low back pain, chronic muscle tension or long-term musculoskeletal issue, you may need massage more frequently for a shorter period of time. Typically, weekly visits of four to six weeks can help overcome a chronic problem. The frequency varies according to the type of ailment or injury, as well as your overall health.

You may need weekly or even by-weekly visits until you feel better. As you progress through your treatment consider how you felt after your last massage and discuss it with a therapist as needed.

Pregnant women often experience aches and pains. Regular massage sessions, performed by certified pregnancy massage therapist, once or twice a month will help, but check with your doctor first.

Remember, every person is different and your general health is a big factor when deciding how often to get a massage. If you are healthy with no aches or pains then get a massage as often as you like. Consider why your want a massage and what is your desired outcome. Over time your frequency may change as your needs do, but just knowing you will receive massage therapy can help.