How to Alleviate Foot & Leg Pain from Working on Your Feet All Day?

What can a massage therapist do to alleviate their own foot/leg/back pain from working on their feet all day?

Massage therapists are always on their feet taking care and tending to their clients and others for long periods of time. It’s no wonder they begin to ache and experience discomfort or fatigue. So what should a massage therapist do to avoid, or alleviate the issue?

Being in a seated position will allow the therapist to go about their work, while being off of their feet. If you experience fatigue or discomfort from standing for too long, take a seat. Take a few moments to sit down between clients or during breaks. You might even consider a few stretches.

One of the most important elements for a massage therapist is proper body mechanics. With proper body mechanics,  healthy lifestyle and proper self-care, a massage therapist will have the energy and stamina to sustain being on their feet for several massage appointments in a day.

Be sure to drink plenty of water! Proper hydration is key to muscles to work properly. While standing, 12 muscles are being used. If you are dehydrated, they will not work properly.

Wear comfortable shoes! If you plan on wearing heels or tough shoes for an entire massage, or an entire day, you will experience more pain and quicker muscle fatigue. To avoid the issue, wear what’s most comfortable.

And if need be, being a massage therapist and having the knowledge of the body and the muscle systems, apply massage therapy to your feet, legs and back. Either by yourself or another therapist. We always recommend it to clients and forget about ourselves.

All of these suggestions will assist the therapist in avoiding or alleviating pain while on the job. However if there is something that works better for you as an individual, take note of it and suggest it to other therapists experiencing discomfort or pain from working.