massage roomA relaxing atmosphere is crucial and beneficial for the clients to feel at ease, calm, and relaxed during a massage session. But it is not always easy to create that laid back meditative atmosphere. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Start first, with yourself. As a therapist, you must be relaxed, grounded, and calm inside and out. People are very prone to pick up anxiety from others. So if you are calm, your client will feel calm as well. Because you are going to be working on a client’s energetic and physical body, it is crucial for therapists to be aligned with an inner peacefulness that exudes outwards. Be sure to use a soft, calm tone of voice as well. Make it slow, steady, and low. This is very relaxing for others to hear. What you wear can also help create that desired atmospheric effect. Be sure to be neutral in clothing, but also professional and comfortable. When you look well put together, it creates an established sense of trust with the client. First impressions are key to begin a relaxing atmosphere.

The setting, the space is also essential in setting the tone. From simply making sure the fingerprints are off the glass doors or windows, to the ambiance of the music and lighting. The colors and lack of clutter also lends itself to a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Candles add an interest visually and aromatically. Burning white sage to neutralize the space and set the intention for healing to take place is always a relaxing action. Outside noises and disturbances should be quelled. Essential oils are great for soothing the client’s senses along with other massage oils. The warmth of stone, bamboo and warm towels also relax the client. There are many things that are simple and inexpensive to add to the relaxed atmosphere of a massage.

Around the room, you can add neutral soothing colors. Natural colors are always suggested. Non lyrical, instrumental music is great for relaxation and promotes deep breathing and meditation for the client. When you drape curtains and fabrics is appealing and looks relaxed, therefore is reflected in the client. Dim the lights, keep calm and massage on!

Always remember, being on time is crucial! If you are running behind it will stress the client out, making it more difficult to create a desirable atmosphere for the client. If you have other techniques that work for you as a therapist, continue with those procedures.