Let’s face it—in today’s world technology is everywhere. At work, home, and we even use it when we play. We get accustomed to using it all; but our bodies don’t always catch up with these everyday technological habits. So…what do you do to alleviate those aches and pains? (Because we all know your iPad isn’t going anywhere!)

Back aches can be caused from hunching over your computer at work, or your tablet at home. Massage is great for helping chronic pain. Massage released endorphins, acting like a temporary pain medication throughout the body. Massage also temporarily blocks the pain receptors in the nervous system, relieving the pain from every day technology use.

From all of those back aches, bad posture can be a nasty result from all of that hunching over a computer screen. Not as easy as a fix, but it is treatable! Try yoga, Pilates, or meditation (anything to engage the core muscles. The core muscles are one of the main groups that improve posture.) You can try these moves at work, on break, at home, or in your free time. The more the better!

Neck aches can be painful. And frequent with tech junkies. Acupressure has been proven to relieve short term pain in clients with neck aches and pains. Massage may also be a great solution for relief. In reality, your muscles are over used and are fatigued from prolonged positioning. Massaging and acupressure will relieve that fatigue and restore the muscle to full elasticity and functionality.

From a neck ache, a headache can always follow. The bright lights, contrast, and noises from all of our technology buddies never help; they only make headaches worse. Instead of ditching that lap top or the smart phone, try craniosacral therapy. This treatment improves fluid balance in the membranes of the central nervous system, improving headache pains.

And let’s all be honest…texting isn’t just for teenagers any more. Texting is our main way of communication. And ‘texting thumb’ is a very real thing. Pain in the thumbs from frequent texting can be quite painful—and it can cause discomfort in the wrists, forearms and elbows! Pressure point massage in the hands and feet relieves the stress on the muscles and tendons that occurs with frequent texting.

So fear not! Technology and our constant use of it may cause some aches and pains here and there, but there are many solutions to keep you on your feet, feeling great, and using that computer and iPod!