How to Increase Your Client Referrals

In the massage business, a large part of your clientele comes from word-of-mouth. These referrals are key to the success of your practice, and are a great way to get new clients (who potentially will be repeat clients). Referrals are one of the best marketing strategies – existing clients will recommend you to their friends if you offer great services, are prompt and on time for appointments, and present yourself in a professional yet personable manner. Here are a few ways to expand your clientele and ensure your practice will be the one they mention to their friends!

Offer Incentives

People love a good discount or reward! By offering an incentive, such as a discount or free upgrade on their first or next massage, your current clients will be talking about the great incentives you offer and attract new customers. If you offer a client referral incentives program and offer rewards for any referred business, your clients will be even more inclined to spread the word about your practice.

Expand Your Email List

A great way to market your services and let people know about any special discounts or promotions is via email; you can draft one simple email and send it to as many target customers as you can. Consider offering some sort of perk for existing or new customers if they register with you online and add themselves to your email list.

Use Social Media

A step up from email is the more popular and expansive social media sector. Pages like Facebook or Twitter can be invaluable for marketing and are a great way to get the word out about you and your business. You can use your social media profile to offer special discounts so more people are likely to follow you and refer you to their friends.

Make Videos

Videos that show you demonstrating certain techniques or answering frequently asked questions give clients the opportunity to become more informed about the services you offer and get answers to any questions they may have. If you regularly upload videos on YouTube and link to them on Facebook or Twitter, clients will be more likely to be interested in you and your business (and they can easily share your videos with anyone who might be interested).

Upload Photos

Regular and potential clients will benefit from seeing photos of you, your practice, and you interacting with clients. Using social media is a great way to show visual proof of the satisfaction and enjoyment clients receive from your services. If someone ‘likes’ your photo, it will show up on their timeline for their friends to see – your photos do the marketing for you!