massage therapistStudying to become a massage therapist is exciting and unlike studying in a typical school environment. You receive a plenty of hands-on learning along with study of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Transitioning from the comfort and safety of the familiar school environment to your massage practice can be frightening. We wish for an easy transition from a massage student to a massage professional and with a few tips and preparation you can make your transition effortless.

Make a Work Plan

In order to have a stream of income while you are building your massage business, you may consider working, part time or otherwise in a field you are already experienced in or look for a suitable temporary work situation. This allows you to build your massage clientele without added financial stress.

Cost Management

In the beginning of your career, you may not have the necessary funds to start your own private practice, if that is what you desire, however you can start laying the steps it takes to get there. Consider for example, sharing some of the costs with your colleagues, maybe with a couple of your close massage school friends. You could split costs such as rent, supplies and utilities. This type of arrangement can help you out tremendously in the beginning as well as you fellow therapists.

Part-Time Massage Therapist

You may also consider working part time at a medical practice such as at a chiropractors or physical therapy practice. This allows you to gain valuable knowledge on the workings of a medical office as well as plenty of practice on your skills. At the same time you can formulate if this type of work environment or some other specialty is the right thing for you.

Reach Out for Support

When you are starting out on your new amazing journey there may be times when you may face obstacles or just feel frustrated. It may be a good idea to keep in touch with your friends from massage school or with somebody that is going through something similar. Comparing notes and talking about what is frustrating you and listening to others can be enlightening and uplifting.

Starting your new career is exciting. You are embarking on a new journey, a little planning a head goes a long way to enable a smooth transition from school to professional environment.