Clients tend to seek out massage therapy due to high levels of stress. But sometimes, massage is not the only way to alleviate that stress. It can be a case by case issue, and sometimes they need a little more help to let go.

The most stress relieving massage sessions can happen for the client when you simply listen. Listen to their day, their stresses without giving advice or adding your own story to theirs.  Have the clients take several deep breaths accompanied with aromatherapy and or energy work and just let them be. Compressions and the act of massage works with the parasympathetic system and calms. Therefore, the stress dissipates working to alleviate the flight and fright response.

Aromatherapy can be used to calm the client. Different scents and herbal oils can induce a calming effect such as Lavender or Sage. Energy work can also be done with the client to help with stress, but only with the patient’s permission. Aligning chakras and meditation is a great way to calm oneself.

Not only are physical acts good for a client’s stress, but sometimes calming music and the atmosphere where a massage is taking place can have a beneficial calming effect on a client. Dimmed lights, lyric free instrumental music, candles, drapes, incense, and other atmospheric changes will help a client feel at ease, and ready to let go of the stress.

These suggestions may be helpful in understanding and aiding a client feel completely stress free when they leave a session. If you have any other techniques that work for you as a therapist to help clients relax and let go, continue with those practices.