Thai Yoga Massage is about creating awareness, openings, and space. Every day we become busier and busier in our bodies, in our minds, and in our spirits. The modern world is all about productivity and speed, and in this maelstrom of habitual routines and schedules, our bodies and spirits can suffer because of the unconscious repetition of movements and thoughts. In the 21st century, there has been craving and resurgence of traditional ways of life and of healing.

Take yoga, for instance.  In the 70s it was considered something alternative, “hippie”, and could only be learned in India or in books. However, in the early 21st century, yoga is now considered more mainstream—corporations offer yoga during the lunch hour, most gyms offer daily yoga classes, and retreats and private yoga sessions are viewed as restorative, preventative, and necessary.

The modern, industrial approach to life and to wellness has been amazingly beneficial to societies because it has introduced technological advances that have improved our quality of life and the quality and longevity of our health. Before vaccines, thousands of people died from infectious diseases, and we have moved past these mass plagues and diseases because of pharmaceutical medicine.

The traditional and ancient approach to life and to wellness has also been amazingly beneficial to societies in that it offers awareness, consciousness, and natural and complementary alternatives to the modern framework—a return to nature, to self-healing, and to self-empowerment.

These two approaches are not mutually exclusive; they should be in conversation with one another—the modern and ancient approaches should be used together to offer an array of healthy options. For instance, if someone has lumbar pain, that person should research and seek professional help that will address both the current, contributing factors to this pain, and also preventative ways of reducing this pain through exercise, stretching, awareness, proper nutrition, and relaxation.

This is where Thai Yoga Massage comes into play. TYM, also called “Nuad Phaen Boran”, which means “ancient massage” in Thai, is a modality that dates back to the time of the Buddha about 2,500 years ago. TYM is an ancient, traditional healing art that is beneficial and needed in modern times; it is needed now because it requires surrender, flexibility, slowness, mobility, and mindfulness—all characteristics that the modern individual needs to have a more balanced and peaceful life.