I have a keen interest in language. Before Thai Yoga Massage found me, I was teaching English Literature at Denver University. One would say I was obsessed with language at that point in my life. I also speak French, and it has been intriguing over the years to realize the connections between a language and its people. You can learn SO MUCH about a culture by studying its language, especially its idiomatic phrases—the everyday lingo that encapsulates a society. These Thai words are extra, golden nuggets of wisdom for my clients and friends. I encourage you to let these words influence your life.

Mai bpen rai: (Pronunciation: “My Ben Wry”)

This phrase translates to “It doesn’t matter”–“It’s all good”–it typifies the Thai way of life–don’t get bogged down by small obstacles, don’t worry, take it easy.  Easier said than done, right?  But it’s helpful to have a new phrase to help you remember not to worry –to take each moment as it comes.

Sabai: (Pronunciation: “Suh-Bye”)

This word literally translates as “happy”, but its usage is more akin with “comfortable”, “relaxed”, or “well.”  To be Sabai is to be content and tranquil. Happiness is fleeting, but contentment is always possible–it’s our choice essentially. To intensify this notion, you would repeat the adjective–instead of saying “very relaxed”, in Thai you’d say “relaxed relaxed”.  So when someone asks you how you are, you can reply–“Sabai Sabai”–“everything’s chill”, “not a care in the world”. Even if that’s not exactly how you’re feeling in that moment–saying that phrase, “Sabai Sabai”, has a way of taking you to that place of Sabai.

Deep breath.

Ahhhh. Lovely. Try it.