Make Massage this Year’s Resolution

We may be through with the first month of 2016, but don’t worry – when it comes to New Year resolutions, it’s better to start late than never! The whole year is still ahead of you, and the time to start working on a goal is now.

If you are unsure what deserves your focus and energy, how about a resolution that will benefit your body, mind, and spirit? Improve your physical health, your mental wellness, and your overall well-being by making regular massage therapy your resolution this year.

The benefits of massage are well-known, but here are a few reasons why massage therapy is worth it:

Stress relief. Ask anyone and they will tell you that massage is one of the best ways to relax both the body and mind. Wherever your stress comes from, massage releases built-up tensions, worries, and day-to-day struggles. Massage allows you time to yourself to forget your troubles and focus solely on finding peace, balance, and relief. Even a single massage session per week can help make stress more manageable.

Pain relief. The bottom line: massage feels good. Whether you have tight muscles, soreness, achy joints, or other pains related to disease or injury, massage can offer relief to a wide range of concerns. Don’t let pain affect your life – take control and fight back with regular massage.

Easy to achieve. Let’s face it, the majority of people don’t actually stick to their resolutions (at least not to exactly what they had in mind). If you have been turned off by resolutions you just couldn’t keep, this is your way to feel proud of yourself again! Regular massage therapy is an easy thing to do, even if your schedule is busy. One hour-long session per week is an excellent start and offers all the benefits of massage therapy! Even just 15 minutes of massage daily, or ever few days, can greatly impact your health and wellness. Make a resolution you know you can keep!

75% of Americans claim their New Year resolution is to take better care of themselves, reduce stress, and create a more balanced life. There is an easy answer: massage therapy! Live up to the phrase “new year, new you” by incorporating regular massage into your routine for a happy, healthy year.