Massage and Autumn

As the seasons transition and the leaves begin to fall, now is the perfect time to reflect upon the transitions your body and mind are making as summer comes to a close. With busy work schedules, back to school activities, cold and flu season, and the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to lose yourself in this time of change.

Now is the time to focus a bit of energy on yourself again! Take this time of change as an opportunity to renew your self-care regimen and reflect on your needs. One of the best ways to incorporate self-care into a busy schedule is through massage therapy.

In the fall, there are many options when it comes to customizing your massage sessions to fit your seasonal needs. For example, if the chill is getting to you, request a warm blanket or book services such as hot stone massage or warm foot soaks. If essential oils are your thing, there are dozens of oils that can be used to warm up your body and mind, boost the immune system (lemon and eucalyptus), and relieve achy muscles (rosemary).

Massage is not only ideal for preventing seasonal aches and pains, but is also a great tool for relaxation during this stressful time. Even just one massage session can relieve the mind of any built-up anxiety; massage can also be used to prevent stress, which is extremely important as the holidays quickly approach.

Massage is not just for adults, but for children and young adults as well! Is your child dealing with a particularly stressful school year, or carrying a backpack that is too heavy? Massage therapy can be a fun and helpful way to deal with these issues!

There is no better time to reflect upon yourself and what you need than during the seasonal change into autumn!