Traditionally, massage has of course spoken to our sense of touch.  Music and aromatherapy were perhaps an afterthought, merely used to create and set the mood for a relaxing massage.  Today, you will find more and more massage therapists incorporating sound into a session to offer an even deeper form of healing.

New scientific research supports the idea that frequencies and vibrations can affect us both physically and emotionally. Various systems in the body vibrate at different frequencies, and any disruptions in these frequencies can lead to an upset in our physical well-being.  Focusing on a particular piece of music or vibration can induce a state of calm and dissolve blockages in the body.

Tuning forks are the most common form of sound healing used during a massage.  Each fork is tuned to a frequency in the body.  Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls are becoming more common, as well.  On a more technical note, a company out of Italy has developed new software that creates sound based on the therapists hand and body movements and the clients response to those movements.  The sounds vary from a flowing river to the rustling of leaves in the trees.  Each time the experience is completely unique to the client.

Next time you have a massage, you might pay more attention to the music or lack of that your therapist has chosen and see is as more than just background noise, but as a means of vibratory healing.