Although there are many factors that determine each massage therapist’s salary, there are a few general details that can help you better estimate the typical salary for the massage therapy practice. Like any job, a massage therapist’s salary varies depending on location, specific career paths, experience, and number of hours you work. There are massage therapists that have established themselves and been in practice for years, or work in luxury spas with clientele that have a comfortable income; there are massage therapists that are just starting out or that work in lower-income areas and make less.

Metropolitan areas often offer a higher pay grade. Areas like Anchorage, Alaska, Danbury, Connecticut, Holland, Michigan, Corvallis, Oregon, and York, Pennsylvania rank highest for pay in the massage therapist profession with an average salary between $62,000 and $83,000.

Experience plays an important role in a massage therapist’s salary. The more experience, the bigger the clientele base the more likely you are to receive a higher-paying income. Newcomers to the field will make much less just starting out, until they get the word out about their practice and build security with returning clients and referrals.

The median average annual salary of a massage therapist in 2014 is roughly $46,000. The upper 10th percentile average around $58,000 a year, while the lower 10th percentile comes in at around $32,000. Of course, the statistics are constantly changing. In 2012, the median annual salary was $35,970, with the top 10th percentile making around $70,000 and the lower 10th making just $18,000. Salary is completing dependent on many factors, and thus will always be fluctuating from year to year and from location to location. Factors such as the local economy, amount of training, certification, and overall business knowledge also come into play.

Aside from the basic salary, you also have to take into account any benefits you may be receiving, as these add to your overall salary. Things like social security, 401K plans, paid time off, and health care benefits can easily boost your average annual salary. It is important to take into consideration all of these factors when trying to estimate the average salary of a massage therapist.