Massage Therapists – Working With Chiropractors

Working alongside a chiropractor or sharing a space with a chiropractor is great place for massage therapists to grow their client base and work in an environment that is complementary to their practice.  Both modalities involve working with and manipulating the body to provide a sense of healing and well-being.  While massage works with the soft tissue, chiropractics works with the bones and joints.  Both will show improvement.  When working in a chiropractor’s office it’s important to keep a few things in mind to keep the relationship easy and stress-free.

It’s important to hone your skills as a massage therapist so that the chiropractor will see value in the work that you do.  Be sure to have a strong foundation in Western anatomy classes and know your techniques inside and out.  Chiropractors’ offices tend to reflect a more professional, medical aesthetic.  So be sure to act the part.  Be professional in your appearance and your space.  Perhaps leaving the incense at home will make a better impression on your clients and the chiropractor that you are working with.  Honor the work that the chiropractor does, and educate your clients about how the two treatments will offer increased results.  The chiropractor will also give value to what you do and trust your work.