Massage therapist massaging feetDiabetes is a disease that occurs when the pancreas is improperly functioning, and insulin is not regulated appropriately. This disease is on the rise, and many Americans are afflicted with Diabetes. Those dealing with diabetes may be recommended to seek out massage therapy to help their diabetic symptoms due to the many benefits.

Many are aware of the relaxing effects of massage. However, in the diabetic client, relaxation is key to calm the nervous system to relieve stress, and reduce hormonal imbalances. The endorphins released through massage can help relieve the day to day anxiety and stress the diabetic person experiences.

Diabetes can have a dangerous effect on circulation throughout the body. Neuropathy and circulatory problems often arise and are associated with this disease. This occurs because of the hardening of the arteries due to high blood pressure and poor sugar supply in tissues. Massage can help as it increases the circulation in your body. The improved circulation will not only help in the delivery of insulin to the body’s cells, utilization of sugar in tissues, but also in the healing of wounds, better functionality of the nervous system, and overall health of the tissues in the body.

As blood sugar in diabetic patients increases, it causes thickening of the connective tissues. A massage for the diabetic person increases the mobility and elasticity of tendons, muscles, ligaments and other tissues. It is recommended that the diabetic client accompany regular massage therapy with exercise to amplify health benefits and results.

As always, there are some contraindications. If the client is known to have open sores or wounds, high blood pressure, or other medical conditions, massage therapy should be avoided. The client should always consult with their physician first, to be sure massage therapy is safe for their condition.