Massage Therapy for Golfers & Low Back Pain

Man playing golf against blue sky with golf bagGolfing is a great way to get exercise, but like any physical activity, it can wear on the body. Golfers commonly experience low back pain; which can affect their game, and their life. Recent shows 53 percent of male and 45 percent of female golfers suffer low back pain.

Scientists agree that most golfers with low back pain result from improper swing mechanics and techniques. Over use of the wrong muscle movement and joint movement can cause temporary or even permanent damage. So how can we fix the problem?

There are a few ways to relieve the pain, but unfortunately none of which are quick fixes. One remedy, is to get a golf coach, or someone to watch your mechanics and how you swing while hitting a golf ball. This can be very helpful. They can correct the wrong movements, and eventually the back pain will ease up.

Massage Therapy for Lower Back Pain

Massage is a natural and relaxing way to ease the muscles after a long day of playing. Massage releases lactic acid in the muscles, and allows them to stretch. Several sessions may be needed in order to relieve chronic pain. Another good tip would be to seek out physical therapy, which builds up the strength of the correct muscles needed in a proper golf swing.

Add regular massage therapy to your schedule to reduce your back pain and to improve your golf game. Check out our massage services. Book your appointment conveniently online and for a great price!