Up to 90% of Americans complain of low back pain without any sort of underlying cause.  Low back pain is second only to the common cold for people seeking the care of a doctor.  Last year, a study was completed that showed massage therapy is an effective treatment for easing low back pain.  The benefits of regular massage can last up to 6 months!

The study was performed by Daniel Cherkin at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle.  Test subjects included 401 patients who suffered from chronic low back pain.  The patients were put into three groups.  The first group received regular full body massage that induced relaxation.  The second group received deep tissue massage which targeted the muscles in the low back.  The third group was given medication and physical therapy, the traditional treatment for low back pain.

Patients received their treatments for ten weeks.  The results were very telling.  Two – thirds of the patients who received massage, both the full body and deep tissue, said that their back pain had improved dramatically or the pain was entirely gone.  Only one – third of the those receiving traditional treatment felt relief.

Doctors believe that the massage allowed the muscles of the low back to relax which allowed the pain to ease.  There is a lot more research that can be done on exactly why this occurs.

If you are experiencing chronic low back pain, it might be time to book that massage!