Massage Therapy: Top Job for Work-Life Balance

Massage therapy listed as 1 of the top 5 jobs that strikes that sweet balance between work and life. Here’s an excerpt: “Massage Therapy is an extremely low-pressure, relaxing career for most people. (As long as the thought of touching a stranger’s back doesn’t drive your stress level through the roof, of course.) Not only are most massage therapists self-employed, but they also get to smell soothing aromatherapy scents and listen to calming background music or ocean sounds all day while they work.

Because many massage therapists work part-time, yearly salaries vary wildly in this field. However, most of these massaging masters charge by the hour. On average, they earn between $10-35 an hour. Of course, if you take on plenty of clients, you could easily earn a salary of $45,000 or more. That kind of cash will certainly not rub you the wrong way.”