Must Have Tools for a Massage Therapist

massage suppliesWhen you embark on your new and exciting career as a massage therapist there are certain things that you need. You have newly gained knowledge of your profession, passion and enthusiasm. What you also need are tools for your trade.

A massage therapist needs a massage table and/or a massage pad – for Thai massage. You may also need a massage chair, especially if you’d like to provide chair massage services. You should have your own equipment, even if you know you will be working in an environment that provides a massage table and other equipment for you to use.

Massage lotions, oils and herbal compresses are part of your kit along with linens, blankets, a bolster, maybe even a heated pad. These are things that you will be using during a massage appointment. When you are busy you will go through several sheets a day. It is a good idea to have enough extras so you won’t find yourself out of fresh, clean linens when you need them.

Cleaning supplies are needed by every massage therapist. You need to keep your equipment and linens sanitized and clean.

It is important to formulate a marketing plan for your new business, this can include internet marketing as well as print and community marketing. You may need a website, a blog, and/or social media accounts to establish visibility, connections and new clients from online communities.

As a budding massage therapist it is important to get your name out there and market your services. Have business cards made and carry several with you at all times, and most importantly keeping handing them out.

There are many other supplies and equipment you could use in your massage therapy practice. Once you start working, you typically will establish a system of what tools you prefer and what works for you the best.