Our Graduates won 5280 Best Massage Therapists in Denver!

Congrats to Tricia Heimbach and Tara Little who recently won 5280 magazine’s Best Massage Therapist in Denver, Editor’s Choice.  Both Tricia and Tara are graduates of our school, the Denver School of Thai Massage. They have both completed a year of Chinese Medicine school, and for their massage training, they have both exclusively trained with the Denver School of Thai Massage.

Congrats to our Graduates, Tricia and Tara, for showing Denver HOW AMAZING Thai Massage is, for sharing such compassion and “metta” with each client, and for being part of our Thai Massage training programs.  Yee Haw!!!

Here’s the article in 5280 about Tricia and Tara’s award:
Editors’ Choice:  Sea of Qi Movements

They call it “Lazy Man’s Yoga”—which was enough to sell us on the Thai yoga massage. Now that we’ve actually gotten one from Sea of Qi, we’re not sure we’ll ever go back to the Swedish variety. It’s an interactive healing technique that originated in southeast Asia, in Buddha’s era. Over time, it made its way west—to the CorePower Studio on Grant Street, in fact. You stretch out on a comfy mat, fully clothed in yoga attire, and make like a rag doll. The Sea of Qi therapist, who also wears yoga gear, uses her arms, hands, feet, and legs to stretch and press your body until your muscles release and elongate. She incorporates warm, Thai herbal compresses into the bodywork for extra lemongrass-y soothing. It’s yoga, aromatherapy, and sheer laziness all at once.