Pregnancy is a highly charged time both physically and emotionally for the new mother. As a woman’s body undergoes drastic changes it becomes important to both honor and nourish these changes. Prenatal Thai Massage is the perfect way to create a nurturing space for the mother and growing baby. The American Pregnancy Association recommends regular therapeutic massage as part of a woman’s prenatal care.

Due to the rhythmic nature of Thai Massage, it only seems fitting that a Prenatal Thai Massage would be so beneficial. With it’s elements that so closely mirror the whole birthing process, it allows for the woman to relax with the breath and to find a gentle rhythm for birth preparation.

Prenatal Thai Massage has been shown to improve the outcome of labor and eases labor pain.  It also provides support for the physical and emotional stress of becoming a new mother. Not to mention that it relieves back and joint pain, improves circulation, reduces swelling, makes it easier to sleep, reduces sciatic nerve pain, creates positive changes in hormone levels affecting mood, and reduces overall muscle tension and headaches.

Prenatal Thai Massage can begin at any point during pregnancy. A one hour Thai Massage twice a month is ideal, but women can experience these benefits no matter how often. There are some conditions that occur during pregnancy when a health care provider should be consulted prior to undergoing a massage, such as, preeclampsia, high rick pregnancy, pregnancy induced hypertension, severe swelling and sudden headache.