massage roomPreparation for each client’s massage is an important part of providing a massage that is in tune with your clients’ needs and creating an experience that makes your clients seek you out again and again.  It is probably overstating the obvious, but you want to make sure that your space is exactly the way you intend it to be. For example, clean, fresh sheets are laid on the table, music plays softly, and there is a faint smell of essential oils that encourages calm and relaxation. 

With those things in place, you can let your attention shift towards yourself.  While appearance is important, you will want to spend a little time attending to your energy from the inside.  Make sure to schedule each massage with enough time between in order to prepare your awareness for giving a massage.  One way to do this is to focus on your breath for several cycles.  This will instantly allow you to be in the moment for each client.  You can also set an intention right before you begin your massage.  Perhaps asking what it is you wish to offer through this healing work.  When you feel calm, settled and present, your clients will also entrain on these sensations and will be able to enjoy their massage so much more.