Rainy Day Massage Therapy

Just when the spring weather began to feel like summer come early, the rainy season makes its appearance. Good for the gardens – not so good for the spirit. While one or two rainstorms can be calming and peaceful, more than that and it can feel like the skies will never be blue again. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity for a massage. If you are going to spend the day inside anyway, what better to do than pamper yourself from head to toe? Take advantage of the rainy day to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate yourself.

Here is why you should book yourself a massage session the next time it rains:


Massage therapy rooms are often cozy, comfortable retreats from the outside world. On a rainy day, a warm escape from the cold is more than welcome. While there are many varieties of massage to choose from, and all will offer relaxation, one of the best for a chilly wet day is hot stone massage therapy. The warmth from the stones will get rid of any chills and allow your body and mind to completely relax.


For many people, rainy days can really put a damper on the mood. Gray skies and being stuck indoors leads to a gloomy, mopey feeling that can be hard to shake. Massage therapy is the perfect solution! Not only does it get you out of the house and into a relaxing environment, massage therapy has been known to improve emotional health by reducing stress levels and stress hormones and increasing serotonin (thereby reducing depression and pain).


With the rain comes a multitude of symptoms – headaches, arthritis flare ups, past injury aches and pains. Let massage therapy relieve your discomforts and bring sunshine through the storm. Massage is an excellent way to ease tensions and soreness, whether they are in the head, muscles, or other areas of the body.