When receiving a Thai Yoga massage or Western – style massage, many therapists will incorporate of bit of reflexology in the hands, feet and ears. When pressure is applied to specific points on the hands and feet, healing occurs in a different part of the body. Reflexology is another tool that massage therapists can use to promote healing in their clients and is incorporated into Denver Integrative Massage School’s training as part of the Thai Yoga massage course.

The idea behind reflexology is that points on the feet correspond to points on the rest of the body, particularly internal organs and structures. If one is experiencing an imbalance in a specific organ, then this could manifest as a sore or tender area on the foot. The tips of the toes correspond to the head; the heart and chest are around the ball of the foot; liver, pancreas and kidneys are reflected in the arch; and low back and intestines are mirrored in the heel.

Through gentle pressure of this point the imbalance is relieved. Reflexology has been shown to reduce pain and stress and improve circulation. Not to mention, it soothes tired feet. Many people use reflexology as part of their post operative care or a way to reduce symptoms of an acute illness.