Refocus your Business at the End of Summer

For many in the personal service business, August and September can be slow months for business. Back to school craziness and the end of summer slump are usually the culprits; no one has the time or energy to think about massage. However, you don’t have to let the temporary slump stop you from having a successful fall and winter.

Here are a few general well-being and marketing tips to get past the end of summer and confidently transition your massage business into the new season:

Renew your energy

If business has slowed down and you feel like you are stuck in a rut, do something that will rejuvenate your mind and get your focus back on your business and your passion for massage. Little things you can do to renew your energy are clean your desk, reorganize your treatment rooms, or organize your products. This will allow you to clear your head and move forward with new vigor!

Make a list

Getting your thoughts down on paper is an excellent way to get organized. Start with a goal in mind, such as attracting new clients or incorporating new treatments, and make a list of the steps you will take to reach that goal. When it comes to marketing practices, writing down all your options is the best place to start – for example, if your goal is to gain more clients, your list could include things such as invite friends to book appointments, send out mass emails, reach out to other local businesses in the area, etc.

Make a competing list

Another helpful step you can take to reaching your business goals is to make a list of the things you should NOT to, things that will hinder you and stop you from reaching your goal. Writing this list can help you realize things you may be doing that are not helpful, and will give you insight into the path you should be taking.

Take the initiative to refocus and recharge your business (even if that something is taking a short break before business picks up again)!