Scheduling Massage Therapy Appointments

Scheduling massage therapy sessions can be a daunting task when you are just starting out in the business. If you are consulting with a client or giving a massage and the phone rings, you can’t jump up to answer (and might not have the means to hire a receptionist right off the bat) and could be missing the opportunity to schedule an appointment. Voice mail can only do so much; with computers at the center of everything in this day and age, offering online scheduling can provide both you and your clients an easy and quick way to manage and schedule sessions.

From the client’s perspective, online scheduling offers a convenience that a phone does not. They can book an appointment from wherever they are, any time they want. You want to make it as easy as possible for the client to use an online booking service, so take the time to consider which software will work best for their needs. It should be easy to navigate with clear instructions to book an appointment, as well as a detailed overview of the services that are offered and who will give them. Offer the clients the option to look at a schedule weeks or months in advance, and automatically send a reminder of the appointment day and time once they book. To save both your time and your client’s time, you can have the client fill out the necessary intake forms online as well.

Remember, the booking software should be a convenience not only for the client, but for you as the massage therapist as well. The software should make it easy for you to manage your client list, and import and export contacts without trouble. Having everything in one place will free up your time and rid you of the stress that comes with building a business; if the software includes other tools such as billing, payment processing, automated appointment reminders, and client intake forms, you won’t have to worry about being unorganized or forgetful. To allow your business to grow and succeed, the booking software should also include the ability to promote yourself on social media sites, encourage referrals from existing clients, and have a reviews section displayed to attract more customers to your practice.

Online appointment scheduling is a great option for a massage therapy practice, and will be an appreciated convenience for both you and your clients.