The last time you received a massage did it seem like the therapist loved giving a massage?  It’s because she does.  She probably loves giving in general. That’s because many massage therapists are natural givers. Being a giver serves well in the art of massage but more importantly, is the ability to surrender.

There is a lot of talk revolving around burn out in this field.  It’s a very real concern.  As a massage therapist, your body serves as your tool and it’s important to take care of yourself first. Self-care goes beyond good body mechanics and sleep. It really starts with listening to what your mind and body need and surrendering to that.   Setting aside time that is just for you can help to tune into those needs. Perhaps a daily meditation practice or a nightly bubble bath will create that space for you.

Set boundaries for yourself.  It’s easy to over-schedule yourself with massage just to fit one more in. Make sure your free time, family, and friends are high on your list of priorities. When you feel balanced it will come through in your massage.

Make the time to care for your most important asset, your body. By building strength and endurance your career in bodywork will become even greater. Taking a Yoga class, lifting weights, or your taking your favorite cardio class will help to rejuvenate.  Even massage therapists need to receive massage, but it doesn’t always have to be from another person. Learning how to self-massage is a great way to take care of your body right when it needs it.  Taking the time for self-care will enhance your practice and create longevity in your career.

We make it a high priority to teach our massage students about self-care and proper ergonomics during sessions.