Serving Your Community as a Massage Therapist

Foot massageMassage therapy in the community cannot be underestimated. By responding to the needs of a community, therapists ensure that massage is made available to everybody. For many people massage is not easily accessible. It is well known that lives are enhanced by massage and the healing benefits are proven.

Massage therapists who work in the community offer help to people such as prison inmates, housebound individuals, people who are financially vulnerable and others with chronic illness just to name a few. For anybody who is the recipient of a healing massage the benefits are endless.

Housebound Individuals

Many people who are unable to leave their house do not have access to somebody who is able to provide them with a caring, nurturing touch that is essential to all humans. By providing this service a massage therapist can give peace of mind, body and spirit as well as boosting feelings of well being.

Prison Inmates

The need for safe and healthy touch is important for everybody particularly people who are institutionalized. Massage can provide the human connection which enables feelings of comfort and relaxation which may not normally happen. Reduction of stress and anxiety offer positive benefits for inmates.

Emergency Service Workers

Often these people are forgotten about after a crisis or an emergency. Firefighters, search and rescue teams, police and even volunteers can benefit greatly from massage from a community massage therapist. The reduction of stress levels, tension and sore, aching muscles after a crisis is one of the most positive things that can come from a massage for these hard working individuals.


Homeless shelters, addiction shelters and women’s refuges are places that community massage therapy is greatly appreciated. Working with people from shelters presents a set of problems which are unique. Women who have been ill-treated may be wary of being touched, this is the same for others in shelters as well. Massage for these people can result in a well being that may not have been felt for a very long time. As well as the psychological benefits, the physical and health benefits speak for themselves.

Improved and stronger immune system, muscle tension and stiffness, spasms, reduced blood pressure and less headaches are just a few of the ways that a massage can assist these people who are at a disadvantage. Numerous groups in the community can be helped by massage therapists who give their time to ensure people who are at a disadvantage can still receive all the positive benefits that massage has to offer.