Massage therapy is a relaxing, therapeutic treatment enjoyed by people for thousands of years. Although commonly an image of ‘pampering’ for most prospective patients, it’s also an incredibly beneficial medical treatment. Many people with muscular tension or stress get massage treatments to relieve that pressure, which in turn, fulfills their lives. As a massage therapist, however, you may want to somehow offer more than massage services. 

Clients might want more from a massage therapist

Many clients see massage therapy as the ‘conclusion’ to other therapeutic services they may receive at a spa. In fact, many people consider massages as one of the ‘major’ spa treatments—to the point that a lot assume that they’re going to get services like a facial or full body wrap before or after their massage.

In other words, some clients may view massages as a ‘vacation treatment,’ something rewarded to themselves after seeking refuge from the stresses of everyday life.

Since massage therapy revolves around ensuring clients receive the treatment that they both want and need, massage therapists perhaps should consider adding services to make clients feel more fulfilled—and as if they’re attending a vacation getaway.

What massage therapists can do to provide more than just massages

Providing more than basic and advanced massage care might be a large change for massage therapists. Some services may require more business-related costs, which may financially impede the already running business operations of a massage therapist.

To remedy that problem, massage therapists should look for ‘alternative solutions’ that can give their clients more than just massages. According to industry experts, adding alternative services like ‘dry exfoliation’ treatments are much more cost effective than traditional wet exfoliation treatments.

These treatments are known to not affect or add business-related costs to a regularly operating massage therapy business. At the same time, these services give clients a much more fortified experience. The challenge with providing more than just a massage boils down to learning how to integrate such treatments while preventing costs from affecting business operations.

Ultimately whether you decide to offer only massage therapy or combination of services, the most important part is making sure such clients will want to commit to coming back.