Spring Clean your Massage Practice

Spring is here, and with it may come the urge to clean everything in sight. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home; there is nothing better than a sparkling, organized, spotless massage practice! Clients are drawn to a clean massage space, and will respond to sessions in a more positive way if the space they are in is mess-free.

Here are a few easy spring cleaning tips for your massage practice:


An organized space will immediately set your clients at ease and allow them to relax. Less is more! There are several areas to focus on when de-cluttering:

  • Outside. It is easy to forget about the first thing clients see – the outside of your practice. Keep your sidewalks or porches swept and keep décor to a minimum.
  • Waiting room. Get rid of really old magazines, and make sure to have a designated area to store current magazines or books in. Keep the check-in area completely neat and clutter-free.
  • Treatment rooms. Take a look at your treatment areas. If they looks cluttered, think about reorganizing in a way that keeps things looking clean and streamlined (such as finding a new way to store pillows or a better method of organizing supplies and tools).

Regular maintenance is key.

Small yet crucial maintenance will keep your practice running smoothly. Keep on top of things such as tightening the screws and bolts on your massage tables to avoid squeaking or rocking, dust and thoroughly clean every surface, and set a cleaning schedule to make sure each area is getting the attention it needs.

Look at it from a client’s perspective.

There is no better way to look at your practice than through the eyes of your clients. Look around as if you were a client coming in for treatments. Is the lobby clean and inviting? Are treatment rooms relaxing and organized? Are bathrooms clean and sparkling? To take it a step further, lay on the massage table facing both up and down to see what the client sees.