Stress Relief Techniques

Today we live a stressful life, we are on the go from morning till night, and the demands on our time and attention seem to never end. Sometimes we feel like we are ready to blow, just to relieve the pressure. What can we do? Here are some natural stress relief techniques for you.


A time proven practice is to exercise, get moving. Almost everyone would benefit from more exercise, not only to relieve stress, but also to build our cardiovascular system, and to increase our physical well-being. Exercise is more than just running or lifting weights. Moderate exercise improves our breathing as it develops our lungs, and makes for a stronger heart. Exercise just makes us feel better. After exerting ourselves a bit, the rest of the day seems a little bit easier.


For many people, meditation has become another method to relieve stress. In many Asian cultures, meditation is a practiced art, and a part of their daily lives, both at home, and at work. The simple act of closing your eyes helps to shut out the world for a moment, and if you can add to that, some soothing thoughts, or peaceful visions, so much the better.

We know we cannot simply walk away from our surroundings, and all that is causing our stress, but many of us yearn for a little quiet room that we could escape to, from time to time. Meditation, whether structured or relaxed, slows your mind and body as it helps you step away from the stress, even but for a few minutes.


How often have you stopped, and asked a friend or spouse, to rub your back. If a minute or two of a back rub feels that good, think about how an hour or more would make you feel.

The simple touch of people is calming by itself, like a person putting their arm around your shoulders. The smooth rubbing, pushing, pulling, and twisting, seems to open the floodgates and let the stress just roll away.

Massage therapy is used by fighters and little old ladies. It relaxes your muscles, calms your nerves, and tones the skin. The benefits are many, and the effort required is practically nothing. What a wonderful way to spend an hour relaxing while someone simply rubs your troubles away.

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