Surviving the Winter Blahs

With several more weeks of Winter left, that means days with less sunlight and the possibility of the blahs or blues! But have no fear, there are many ways to combat this well known feeling of doom and gloom long before Spring comes to the rescue.

  • Massage (as if you need an excuse?) – has been shown to decrease anxiety and relax your nervous system. It can also be an invigorating experience! Such is the case with Thai Yoga Massage! This form of massage includes passive assisted stretching and heat therapy; both can help in combating fatigue and lethargy. Get a Massage! After all, touch is a powerful thing and a great form of preventive therapy, for physical and emotional health!
  • Eucalyptus oil – is a clarifying essential oil that can help lift your spirits and clear sinuses. It is also a welcome addition when used during a massage.
  • Get outside – Getting outdoors during the daytime is likely increase your chance of exposure to sunlight which can greatly affect mood and energy levels. If you are stuck indoors enhance your light levels and/or open curtains.
  • Exercise – Movement itself will enhance endorphins and serotonin levels, helping to create a natural “feel-good” state. So, take a walk or head to your favorite Yoga studio.
  • Socialize – Spending time with friends and loved ones can help create a sense of connection and support. Not to mention the possibility of fun and memories that come along with a face to face (not virtual) social network!

Take time during the Winter months to assess what your body needs, it’s a great time to succumb to the rhythm of nature and listen to yourself. And if you’re still feeling blue just remember Spring is only 59 days and 7 hours away…but who’s counting?

*Official first day of Spring is Tuesday, March 20th.