Thai Massage – The Ultimate Sports Massage

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all levels are utilizing sports massage therapy to stretch tight muscles, loosen stiff joints, reduce the risk of injury and to improve recovery and performance. Some massage modalities are more effective for athletes than others. Thai massage is an excellent sports massage therapy, maybe even the ultimate sports massage.

Roots of Thai Massage

Thai massage, also known as Thai-Yoga massage, is an ancient healing art dating back over 2500 years. Thai massage uses a combination of deep stretching, gentle rocking and kneading, direct pressure, twisting and energy circulation and balancing.

Thai sports massage is done on a thick, supportive mat on the floor, with the client wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage benefits the entire body by increasing flexibility, relaxing tight muscles, loosening stiff joints and enhancing the body’s natural energy flow. In addition Thai massage improves sleep and energy levels and calms the mind.

Old School Sports Massage vs. Thai Sports Massage

Typical Sports Massage: stretches muscles in isolation, one at a time
Thai Sports Massage: stretches involve several muscles simulating real life movements and activities, including movement in several planes

Thai Sports Massage is truly a holistic, full body and mind encompassing treatment.

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