Thai Massage Video: Neck Stretches

The following video demonstrates several different neck stretches that can used during a Thai Yoga Massage.  The stretches shown move the neck in all directions to stretch all muscles that make up the neck.  It’s important to warm the neck first. You can place an herbal compress under the neck before you begin working on that area.

The first stretch shows how to create flexion in the neck by pressing the head forward so that the chin comes towards the chest.  Do this a few times, moving the head forward and back and give a gentle shake to create even more opening.  The therapist can use their own body to to provide leverage.  The next stretch presses the nose to the armpit in an effort to stretch the muscles along the sides of the neck.  A third stretch demonstrated is called the Figure Eight.  The therapist simply holds the client’s head in their hands and drags their hands along the floor, moving the head gently.  The final stretch gently massages the scalenes by turning the head in one direction and gently pressing the shoulder and the pec.