Thai Yoga Massage Creates Deeper Intimacy for Couples

Thai Yoga massage is the perfect healing modality to create a deeper sense of intimacy for couples.  It is often said that Thai Yoga massage is not only healing for the receiver but also for the giver.  The framework for giving a Thai Yoga massage is deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophy, specifically that during a massage, the giver is invoking the four divine states or brahma viharas.  These 4 states are metta (loving-kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (sympathetic joy) and uppekha (equanimity).

A Thai massage incorporates simple stretches and assisted yoga poses.  One can experience the same deep relaxation by gently moving muscles, without having extensive experience in either Thai massage or yoga.  As one person begins to connect with oneself, there is greater ease to more fully connect with another.  Communication often shifts to non-verbal and it is through touch that the communication channels open.  Connection to the breath allows the couple to attune to each and begin to move almost intuitively. 

In order to get started, couples can browse through the small collection of videos that demonstrate different stretches and how you can best support one another.  The more that you create space for this practice you will begin to feel more comfortable and start to recognize which stretches work best for both of you.